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I came into the training game late …Before this I loathed to train, it was a chore, I saw it as something I just had to do. But, I had a goal and wanted to prove to myself that I could be disciplined and consistent. I wanted to live a long healthy life. 


The thing is, training always made me feel better after I was done with my routine for the day, it always gave me a high! … so little by little I started to crave that end feeling. And then I started to feel good while I was working out, and that’s when it all clicked for me! I decided that I needed to spread this feeling. I realized that there are so many like me and that if I can do it, anyone can. Helping others is my passion. Seeing the change in someone through their fitness journey brings me more joy than chocolate! 😉


I've been a NASM-certified  (National Academy Of Sports Medicine USA) trainer for 5 years and I've seen an incredible change in all of my clients. It's not just physical, but also emotional. Their confidence has skyrocketed, and they are more optimistic, healthier, and stronger in all aspects of their life.


My fitness philosophy is simple, stick to the basics and be consistent. Any trainer can use the basic, foundational, exercises or combinations of these; the difference is that I will teach you how to properly engage the muscles for maximum results and avoid injuries. I will put an original and creative spin on those basic exercises, keeping your entire body engaged in every workout without overtraining any particular muscle group.


My goal is to use my creativity and knowledge in fitness to show the world that fitness is not just about how you look but also, more importantly, about how you feel. I am now 44 years old and I feel better than ever! And that’s what I want for you as well! 


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